Origin:  Kent, Ohio

Genres:  Tribute  |  Classic Rock  |  Pop Rock

Years Active:  2006- Present

Website: www.StraightOnHeartTribute.com

Straight On is a band comprised of talented musicians who have a deep rooted love, passion & respect for the music of Heart & aspire to recreate the music as accurately & precisely as possible. Straight On is dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience for the audience by reliving the music of Heart through all the hit songs that span the decades. From the 70's era with hits like Barracuda, Magic Man, Crazy On You, including acoustic favorites like Dog & Butterfly, to the big 80's era hits like Alone, These Dreams & What About Love & even into the 90's era hits. Straight On is even known for paying their homage to the Led Zeppelin covers that Heart is known for.


With their outstanding spot on vocals, to their musical versatility, they personify the richness & dynamics of Heart at their very best. Straight On is for the ultimate Heart fans.... Close your eyes & you'd swear that you're listening to the real thing! 



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Management, Booking & PR: 

Monique Bennett | straightonhearttribute@gmail.com


Tech/Stage Manager:

Kevin Bennett | straightonhearttribute@gmail.com